About ICOKite

The ICOKite is a listing site which provides the list of the world’s fastest-growing ICOs. We recognize startups as soon as they have an idea.

ICOKite listing provides visibility of your ICO to global investors and organizations that can help you take your idea to a successful ICO.

The purpose of ICOKite is to help companies connect with followers, investors and partners before, during and after their ICO

How we are different to other ICO sites?
  1. We focus on companies planning to do an ICO. The journey to a successful ICO depends on finding the correct partners, advisors and investors, and making it easy for them to find you.
  2. Connect with other leaders doing ICO’s
  3. Post your specific requirements in exchange for tokens so experts can connect with you.
How we list?
  1. Idea - Share what you want to attract your team, advisors, investors. Who knows, you may find people working on the same idea or partners for your idea.
  2. Your ICO plan - get input if your strategy is correct
  3. Pre ICO - list your Pre-ICO
  4. ICO - list your ICO details
  5. Post ICO - share your success or what you learnt, with your community and others. Let them know which channels are the best to get information (telegram, slack etc)
How we help?
  1. ICO visibility on our site
  2. Posting your immediate needs to site visitors - where you need help
  3. Posting on our Telegram, Twitter channel
We are aggressively marketing our site to the blockchain community.. This will help bring traffic to your site.
  1. Strategic advertising - Premium
  2. Strategic connections - Premium
Who should Join ICOKite?

The ICOKite is specifically focused on early stage ICO, Pre-ICO, and Listed ICO. Unlike other lists site, you don’t need to be in a Private or Pre-ICO stage to get listed. If you have an idea which you want to share in the market and get the meaningful connection you should list yourself.

Our goal is to give ICO credit for their idea and success in real-time — success that can be measured.

Get recognized - Earn a Badge - ONLY - Women Executive Team Member

Founding a successful startup is an accomplishment that deserves to be recognized. If the team who has women leader they earn an additional badge and chance to partner with leading women ICO leading organization.

How does it work?
  1. Concept/Idea - List your idea or the concept. Get real-time inputs from the professionals. Start building your follower list before even developing the product.
  2. Pre-ICO or Private Sale - List your ICO and connect and brand yourself. We can help you to spread the word.
  3. ICO - Get listed and promote yourself.

We have the expert team who can help in promoting and creating your social presence. We can help you to build the follower base which can support/partner with you on your journey.