Chris Butler Chris Butler CEO of URAllowance, LLC//TOKEN, Dexpert// MIDEX, US Regional Officer//IMMO, High 1000//BitWhite, US Representative//CM and PA for RunCPA//AOI, Expert Advisor LinkedIn Twitter


Most of you know him simply as Chris Butler. Others may know him as CB and a select few of you know him as Q. The rest of you will know him soon enough. Member IMMO High 1000 (current) CEO of URAllowance, LLC (main project) TOKEN Dexpert at (current) US Regional Officer of the Midex Exchange (resigned[ask me why for a great story]) US Representative of BitWhite (current) ICObench, Expert (current) Proud team member and CM of Affchain (disbanded) CM and Partner Acquisitions for RunCPA (current) VP of Marketing for Fintechbit (resigned) Chris teaches anyone willing to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is a 3rd generation Las Vegas Native and has helped to bring the crypto scene to his city by founding the largest cryptocurrency Meetup that is still growing in numbers every week. Chris is a master of performing due diligence. He has been recruited by top rating agencies for his thorough project assessments based on deep research and communication with the subject's team and partnerships. He is currently aiding in the building of the TOKEN Dapp at He was one of the first five to be recruited and there will only ever be a maximum of 100 Dexperts. His work with RunCPA has gained him an endless list of friends and contacts in the crypto space. Ask me about Risk-Free CPA marketing with RunCPA. His work with the MIDEX Exchange has given him insight, expertise and connections on the topic of Exchanges and what it takes to properly integrate into them. Chris's work with BitWhite has allowed him the insight and opportunity to understand the ideology of true decentralization and the inner workings of a DAO. Chris has a stellar ability to close deals of any caliber. A problem solver. He is the first one to stand up when someone needs help or has a problem that they can not solve. There are many more layers to be revealed. One only has to spend five minutes with Chris to know this.

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