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"A networker and traveller, Danny was born in Germany, worked in the USA, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and currently residing in Malaysia. With 12 years’ in Southeast Asia he is a specialist in the IT and hospitality market. Danny managed IT projects (ERP, HRM, CRM, POS) for various SMEs and his career rose to Vice President of an 150 location and 3500 employees organization, managing Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing, HR, IT and Operations. Danny is a designated blockchain and ICO consultant at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group US) and NSCS, a consultancy for tech-startups and market-entry in Malaysia. He also advises several ICO projects on marketing strategies, technical documentation and fundraising, leveraging from his large network to industry and corporations, and his ties to a 30.000 strong crypto community: ? Envidatec (Germany) EmPower and PAYGO trading Solar Power in Remote Locations ? Loyakk platform allowing for secure, verified and irreversible exchange of data ? Aimedis (Germany) One ecosystem for your healthcare and medical data ? MidasProtocol (Singapore) the most sophisticated Platform for Traders ? Sidera (Italy) Wearables, smartwatch, crypto wallet and exchange in one ? MyCreditChain (Korea) Blockchain-based Credit Information Ecosystem ? xDAC (USA) Self-governed Platform for Autonomous Companies ? Ufity (Switzerland) Cryptocurrency mined with physical activity ? MARAChain (Spain) Secure Exchange of Digital Documents ? Redcab (Egypt) Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Transportation ? Dice Money (UK) Fundraising through Cryptomining ? BITOZZ (USA) Exchange for Derivatives Trading ? Syntera (Ukraine) Sharing Economy Platform ? Moonwhale (Sweden) 'Social Crypto Trading' ? Belotto (Peru) Decentralized Lottery System ? DAFZO (India) Global P2P Logistics with AI ? BiteCoin (France) Food Delivery Loyalty ? Productivist (France) Industry 4.0 ? NOBAR (Estonia) Ecommerce

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