The list of top experts and influences in the world of crypto which have contributed into our community the most.

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Christian Lawson Certified Blockchain professional

erick calder Developer, crypto anarchist, investor

Gaurav Areng Chakraverti Marketing Advisor | CMO | Entrepreneur

Leeto Li Partner

Boris Otonicar Blockchain consultant and designer

murali venkatesh Blockchain Practice Lead

Sara Mathew ICO Advisor - ICO Content creator - Blockchain Developer - ICO Enthusiast

Kilian Peter Krings ICO Advisor

Emmanuel Adams Member Of The Board Of Advisors

Eva Skornickova Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor

Adel Farid Founder of EGYPT CryptoCoin, Founder of PyramidsGate

Danny Christ Business Development, Strategy, Execution | MBA | ACTA | Blockchain Uncomplicated

Tyler Ostern CEO

Michele Ficara ICO Advisor & Expert

Sanem Avcil ICO Advisor / Investor

Bogomil Alexandrov Founder @ CargoCoin - Blockchaning Logistics

Kati Aronson ICO Advisor, Connector, Client & Investor Relations. CEO of Blockchain Development firm Outchain

Uday Pratap ICO Advisor, ICO Marketeer

Chris Butler Chris Butler CEO of URAllowance, LLC//TOKEN, Dexpert// MIDEX, US Regional Officer//IMMO, High 1000//BitWhite, US Representative//CM and PA for RunCPA//AOI, Expert Advisor

Jitendra Rathod Blockchain Content Writer

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