ICO Kite Rating Model


To help our visitors find exciting ICO’s


Help visitors find validated information about exciting ICO’s


We validate the information provided and provide a rating based on what we have been able to validate.

Why we have created the ICO Kite Rating model

With the rapid increase in ICO’s, it has become difficult for people to identify, validate and follow ICO’s. Once ICO’s have been found it is a manual process to do validations. ICO Kite has created its own rating model based on market research and we collect information people are looking for to help them determine if the ICO is something they want to follow.

Our research has determined that visitors looking for ICO’s are interested in learning about the specific project and the company. We help put that information in a single easy to read format that will take the visitors to the ICO’s website and social links.

The information provided by ICO Kite website is not intended as legal or financial advice. ICO Kite provides a standardized validated summary of the ICO posted on the site. The rating is based on what has been provided and validated. Any information provided on ICO Kite is not intended for investment decision. Information may have been updated after the information has been submitted on the ICO Kite website and we strongly encourage reviewing the company’s website for updates and current information.

ICO Kite Rating Methodology

From October 10th, Each ICO will go through an information validation check. We will also go back to previous submitted ICO’s to get updated information based on items we have identified as required for validation and rating.

Due to the dynamic growth of Blockchain technology and the ICO market, ICO Kite will update the rating methodology over time by adding and removing items validated based on the input of our visitors. We will track our updates. These updates will not impact previously rated ICO’s.

Our rating is provided from 1-5 with 5 being the highest rating. The rating is individual rating per submitted ICO and multiple ICO’s can have the same rating.

The rating is based on information provided that our research has shown our visitors are interested in and what we have been able to validate.

How we Calculate the Ratings

Each ICO submitted to ICO Kite will go through a verification. The verification is split into 3 categories highlighted below, and the average of the 3 categories is used for the overall rating.

What is required from the person submitting the ICO?

During ICO submission we gather information related to:

  1. Company Information
  2. Social Media Information
  3. ICO Details

Information will be highlighted as mandatory and optional. To maximize the rating all information is required. Some information that is requested will not be displayed on the ICO Kite website such as contact phone number and company complete address.

Rating points will be provided for information submitted.


During the verification process, it is critical for the company to respond to any requests to validate within 24 hours. These requests will come through email and phone. Failure to respond can result in delays and verification points lost impacting the overall rating.

How ICO Kite team verifies the information:

The ICO Kite team will go through all the items submitted and then validate the information and links where possible. This will include but not limited to, verifying the company website, team members and URLs provided.

Additional rating points will be provided based on items verified successfully

Rating will be provided for each of the following categories

  1. Company Information
  2. Social Media Information
  3. ICO Details

The overall rating will be the average of the 3 ratings.

What if there are updates?

We understand that information may change after a site has submitted information for verification. We strongly recommend that the ICO is submitted for verification after all the information is provided. These updates will be charged as verification will be required.